Tiago de Mello @ EMS 17-25 October!

Photo by Paula Hemsi

Some time ago, I was reading The Nordic Cookbook, by Magnus Nilsson, where I got to know the idea of Fika. Then, I thought of maybe trying a similar approach to my music making... And why not do it in Sweden?!

I will be at EMS every day, from 17th to 25th October  (but not on the weekend), waiting for people (friends and strangers!) to join me in a little gig, ~15-30'. I will be at Studio 1, in two periods: 10h-12h and 17h-19h. The idea is to improvise with people around, talk and have some coffee. As simple as that.

I'd like also to record the gigs and, in the future, have an album with all those collaborations, but if somebody doesn't feel comfortable with this, please let me know, we shall arrange otherwise. 

Please, come have a coffee with me and let's play together! You can just show up, or write me at tiago@demellotiago.com 

Até breve!

Tiago de Mello is a composer and a producer from São Paulo/Brazil. He was at EMS twice, where he composed the Cadernos Lagom (http://nmelindo.bandcamp.com/album/cadernos), as well where he conducted some researches on the use of public studios for the electroacoustic music.