Skärmavbild 2016 11 28 kl. 11.58.06

Photo by Simone Vogel (left) / Marta Grasso (right)

ReVerse Bullets is an experiment electronic band founded by filmmaker Jon-Carlos Evans (alias: Klaas von Karlos) in New York City in 2009.  Through a collision of industrial noise cum funk and psychedelic electroacoustics, the sound of the act is guided by both improvisation and meticulous rhythms. 

Since inception, ReVerse Bullets has performed at media arts festivals and venues in the Unites States and Europe. In 2012, ReVerse Bullets released their debut audiovisual album "Drapetomania!" This was followed by Klaas von Karlos' "Return of the Jackal" (2014) and "The Mansa Musa Affair" (2016).  Guitarist Kevin Ramsay joined ReVerse Bullets officially in 2014 after collaborating as Engineer on the album Klaas von Karlos side projects "Divan Rouge" and "OXI" (2015."   Ramsay also served as Co-Producer on "The Mansa Musa Affair"

During their stay at EMS, Klaas von Karlos and Co-Producer/Guitarist Kevin Ramsay will produce the music to the sophomore ReVerse Bullets audiovisual album, "Dreampop Dysphoria."