Jorge Haro (Argentina/Spain)  is a sonic and visual artist. He looks into the aesthetics and scientific aspects of sound and vibration with a particular interest in expanded listening, sound visualization, audiovisual relations and data transformation processes.

His body of work takes different formats: CDs, video, objects, audiovisual concerts, installations and exhibitions, each of which complement each other in every project.

jorge haro av 2.0 valparaiso tsonami festival 2013. photo nelson campos

Photo: Nelson Campos

He has held audiovisual concerts, installations, and exhibitions in the Americas and Europe. He composed some pieces collaborating with Francisco Lopez/Absolute Noise Ensemble, Zbigniew Karkowski, Mitchell Akiyama, Sergi Jordà, 1605munro and Bruno Sanfilippo among others. These were released by labels form USA, Poland, Germany and Spain.  

He is a member of staff at Pabellon 4 Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is one of the curators of the concert cycle and audiovisual performances Escuchar [Sonidos Visuales] at the Modern Arts Museum of Buenos Aires (2012 to present).