Testuo furudate

Tetsuo Furudate was born in Tokyo, Japan. He started his career in experimental film and video art in 1981, then started working with music and performing art. He premiered an experimental opera “Othello” 2001 at Podewil, “Auditory Sense of Mr. Roderick Usher” at Dresdner Zentrum für zeitgenössische Musik. It won the BLAUE BRÜCKE prize 2003. His radio productions were broadcasted by Deutschlandradio: “Motome-Zuka“2007, “GOYA” 2008, “Death Fragments Prelude” 2011. He premiered “DEATH FRAGMENTS” theatrical event with Edwin van der Heide and actors at Theatre Bielefeld.

During his residency at EMS he will be working on a project with Swedish Artists and Composers Leif Elggren and Lars Åkerlund.