Beijing/New York based Gao Jiafeng makes cross-disciplinary performances that are sound-oriented, humorous, improvised and site-specific, by integrating a variety of sound strategies within his own vocabulary gained from daily life: storytelling, field recording, cited Youtube videos, live Karaoke, Asian pop music, noise and improvisation, as well by morphing in between different performer's roles: the vibration source, the narrator, the commentator, the spectator, etc.

As a curator, Gao produces monthly improvised and cross-disciplinary concerts at Chinese American Arts Council. He also manages Muted Portraits, a record label that releases only spoken-word context surrounding particular pieces of music. His instrument design "Tri-O", a MIDI controller based on geometric system-generated data irregularity, was chosen the third place winner of 2014 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition judged by Cycling '74 CEO David Zicarelli.

Jiafen gao 2

Gao's work has been presented/exhibited by organizations and venues including Triennale Museum Milan (IT) , XP (CHN), Meridian Space (CHN), Kandala Records (TPE), Cochlea (TPE), Re-Records (HK), Flux Factory (US), Outpost Artist Resources (US). He has collaborated with Arrington de Dionyso, Daniel Carter, Li Zenghui, Li Jianhong, Kurt Ralske, Todd Capp, Sean Ali, Michael Foster and many others.