Michał Liberak (aka Verbalizer) – independent electronic musician.

Pursuing the mind-altering aspects of sound. Specific application of music – designed and performed, generated and delivered – facilitates the emergence of temporary autonomous zone within the confines of both mental and physical space. Hence, the music IS political. True sound conveys abstract and universal, meaningful explanation. Everything else is garbage.

michal liberak

 Photo: Katarzyna Zych

Author and performer of curated and un-curated soundtracks for neural entanglements, tectonic movements, inter-dimensional transplantations, para-theatre performances, silent movies, anti-fascist acts of sonic violence (alias Pierdochrumszczarka / Fartogruntpisser); proud supplier of psychoactive auricular structures for 23 network (as Verbalizer); as himself, a humble participant of 4. Biennale fur Junge Kunst im Osteeraum Artgenda 2002, Hamburg (DE); Save the Kranes Festival 2004 & 2005, Dunkirk (FR); Salut Records Night @ Ucho 2006, Gdynia; Live in Progress 2007 @ Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk; Sopot Film Festival 2011; Sound Around Festival, 2013 - Königsberg (RU), Klaipeda (LT), Gdańsk; The 5th anniversary of “Hewelianum Science Centre” in Gdańsk 2013, & other funky stuff.

Born in Poland 1971, lives in Gdańsk by the Baltic Sea. Coming to Stockholm this winter to operate Buchla modular system. Amazed by (and deeply thankful for) the good will and joint efforts of EMS Elektronmusikstudion and Polska Institutet for making this happen.