Guido Zen is an Italian electronic musician and producer based in Rome and London. His path started as a sound engineer in London in the mid-nineties while his own projects were beginning to take shape. His first releases date back to 1997. In 1999 he founded the Gamers In Exile duo and their own Unbearable Recordings label that released a long series of seven inches of their music and other artists.

Guido Zen photo by Andrea Mündelein

Photo: Andrea Mündelein

He performed at Art Basel and Venice Biennale and has collaborated with Colin Potter, Alessio Natalizia, Goodiepal, V/Vm, Kevin Blechdom and Wrangler. He is also a member of Brain Machine and Vactrol Park. He worked on interactive sound installations for MAXXI museum in Rome, Burberry stores and Pitti fashion show and his soundtracks include the music for the film “Biutiful Cauntri”, that won several prizes including Nastro D’Argento as Best Documentary in Italy.