Shub Roy is a Berlin-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Canada with experience in both electric (guitar, bass, synthesizer/electronics) and acoustic instrumentation (guitar, harmonium, percussion, Balinese Gamelan), as well as live mixing and electronic music production.

His experiences have taken him across a range of genres: experimental/noise (Akisakila, Smoke Judo), pop (Fu**ed Corpse, Jef Barbara), psychedelic prog/metal (Yamantaka // Sonic Titan), punk (Grand Trine, Pink Noise), lo-fi pop experimentalism (Dirty Beaches) and solo electronic ambient/techno production (Night Musik). He has toured extensively throughout North America, UK, Europe, Russia, Asia, Israel, Japan and Australia.

He is currently also composing for upcoming film and video projects.

ShubRoy EMS