RPE Duo is collaboration between Matthew Postle and Radek Rudnicki, a live act that explores interaction between trumpet and live electronics. Electronic grooves combine hip- hop with techno/dub in an experimental manner. The trumpet interacts with electronics, aiming to contrast/duplicate the electronic timbre.


Established in 2010 duo toured the UK, Italy, Ireland and USA. In 2012 performed as Jamey Aebersold’s guest artist at UNC Chapel Hill, USA. Recently collaborated on data sonification with NASA and Stockholm Environment Institute. This resulted in USA tour and performance at Dave Douglas’s FONT festival in NYC (2013). In 2014 RPE Duo released their Playground EP on Wave Folder Records in the UK. At EMS musicians are going to generate new material for their coming third album using Serge and Buchla 200 modular synthesizers.

Check out a teaser for their coming EP here: