Ezequiel Esquenazi was born in Buenos Aires. He graduated as a Composer from the Alberto Ginastera Academy, in Morón (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He has written music for orchestra, ensemble, soloist instruments, electroacustic and mixed works. His music has been played in Argentina, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Chile, México and Spain. He also performs musical improvisation.


Photo: Emiliano Esquenazi

In 2010 he was granted a scholarship at the Investigation and Musical production Laboratory (LIPM, Buenos Aires, Argentina). In 2011 Destellos foundation (Argentina), Motus foundation (France) and Phonos foundation awarded him the Second prize for his work “Caída, memoria y restitución” (Fall, memory and restitution).

At present, he is coordinating the production of the contemporary music Festival Nuevas músicas por la Memoria (New Music for memory) http://nmxlm.com.ar/, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is preparing the release of his own album "Conflictos con la metáfora" through Kohlenstoff Records (http://kohlenstoffrecords.com/artists/ezequiel-esquenazi/).