Jamie Drouin (Canadian, b.1970) explores the materiality of sensory perception. His minimalist works in audio, sculpture, and drawing use simple, yet formal systems of change within one or two elements to highlight a particular aspect of how the senses process shape and sound.  

During his residency at EMS, Drouin will be delving into the institute’s vintage Buchla 200 modular synthesizer to investigate the sounds which occur at the threshold of low analogue signal. 

Jamie Drouin 2

Photo: Lehna Malmkvist

Jamie Drouin’s work has been featured at numerous international venues, including the Henry Art Gallery, Biennial of the Americas, Mutek, TodaysArt, Communikey, and the Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art. His solo and collaborative audio projects have been published on contemporary sound art labels such as Infrequency Editions, Another Timbre, Caduc, Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Oral, and Rhizome.s.