Nate Young is best known for his work in the group Wolf Eyes. Created by Young in 1998, the now-legendary noise group defined the genre. His primitive drum sequencing and unique vocal delivery gave listeners some of their most memorable music experiences. In the decade that followed, Wolf Eyes toured the world, released reams of records, collaborated with heavies, and generally enamored and influenced a generation.

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A skilled workbench electrician, Young has always involved hand-built devices and reconstituted consumer electronics in his practice. In 2007, his group Demons rediscovered vintage synthesizers as a means to create electronic compositions and led a resurgence of interest in synthesizer music. Now, as a solo artist and while playing in Stare Case (his blues duo with fellow Wolf Eyes musician John Olson), Young has refined his musical approach: bass, synthesizers, organic electronics and raw unfeigned vocals. Their 2011 LP Lose Today, on De Stijl, received wide praise.