Ylva Bentancor works mostly in the field of Sound Art with focus at concrete sounds in combination with instruments. Communication through a material that most of us could relate to is the main goal in her production and the last years Ylva experimented by letting the listener’s response have a direct impact on the work and to develop a kind of program music with a purpose to encourage reflections and train of thoughts about the theme of the work. This idea started with a piece called Footprints of Mongolia, based on sound recorded during a travel through Mongolia. The piece where composed in cooperation with Stockholm Saxophone Quartet. This followed up with a project called “The mind provoking project” witch involved four composers where each one created their own group of participants in order to make short productions to reflect about society today. Recently she finished a work in cooperation with the Australian bass player Mike Majkowski and the bandoneon player Gustavo Bentancor, When People gather, about how it sounds when people go together about a common cause such as sport, religion, political issues etc. As a member of the group The KnitKnot collective she created the Homecoming-project where abundant houses in Island where the focus.

Today Ylva works with a project named Transit where three composers (Hanna Hartman and Savannah Agger) deals with different angles of the state of being in transit some how. Transit will have its premiere at Audiorama in Stockholm in august 2013.

Since three years Ylva lives with her family in Berlin, Germany.

Ylva Bentancor