Rubén Patiño, also known as Pato, works in the field of computer music, an activity he combines with occasional incursions in the installation field. Morten J. Olsen is a musician, composer and improvisor best known for his work as a drummer with the Norwegian heavy-metal musique concrète duo MoHa! and the experimental chamber-rock band Ultralyd. Recently, aside from NMO, he has been working on playing the vibraphone with The Pitch and he’s also been exploring the inner sonics of a rotating 32-inch bass drum; in duos with Robin Hayward and Mike Majkowski, with the Splitter Orchester, with The New Silence and solo.

morten ruben

NMO is a strict exotic pattern oriented unit. Originated in Berlin, it brings together Norwegian drummer and percussionist Morten J. Olsen (snare drum, tape delay) and South European computer musician Rubén Patiño (SuperCollider, mixer). Their joint military space techno project blends acoustic and computer generated sounds while exploring the boundaries of repetitive structures and sound spatialisation.