Mercedes Krapovickas, born and raised in Argentina and currently based in Finland, is a composer, performer, and sound artist whose passion lies at the intersection of composition, performance, and improvisation. With a background as a bandoneonist, pianist, and composer, Mercedes brings a wealth of experience and innovation to her creative projects.

Mercedes Krapovickas

Photo by Kristian Presnal

For over two decades, Mercedes has been performing across Europe and Argentina as a soloist, pushing the boundaries of traditional bandoneon playing while exploring forgotten avant-garde compositions from the 1960s. Her journey led her to delve into electro-acoustic music composition at the University of Quilmes in Argentina, followed by studies in Musicology at the University of Helsinki, and piano and composition at the Sibelius Academy in Finland. She further honed her skills with a degree in Sound in New Media from Aalto University.

Mercedes' work is characterized by a relentless spirit of experimentation, as she continuously seeks to defy the confines of traditional genres and improvises in her own unique language. She explores new technologies and platforms to expand the performing possibilities of the bandoneon, often collaborating with interdisciplinary artists such as dancers, stage designers, and light artists.