Diana och Laurentiu

Photo by Horațiu Șovăială 

Currently living and working in Bucharest, Diana Miron (°1989) is an artist with a long classical/contemporary music background, looking to manifest a new space with each piece. Her interests for visual arts and media variety appear naturally, starting with music studies at the age of 5. Influenced by a restrictive socio-political context, she begins contouring a desire for liberation from stylistic barriers, translated through sound exploration, (solo/collective) improvisation and performance. Her projects include soundtrack composition and sound design for theater shows, film, vocal coaching, music workshops, video art and performative installations.

Diana Miron uses instant composition through the phenomenological lens of Romanian Hyperspectralism, as she is since 2015 part of the Hyperion International Ensemble founded and conducted by composers Ana-Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu. Collaborating with Romanian and international artists and constantly developing her own language for violin playing and vocal expression through extended techniques, she performs in different countries around the EU and festivals such as CTM Berlin, City Sonic Brussels, Sacrum Profanum Krakow etc.

Her works directly respond and connect to each specific environment to highlight the clarity of the present moment, thus establishing a strong relation to objects/entities. Inspired by the infinite possibilities of sound textures, new mentalities, virtuality and rejecting an objective truth and mass cultural narratives, she approaches a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, involving the viewer simultaneously as part of the creative act.

Laurențiu Coțac (b. 1986) is a romanian doublebass player and sound artist, living in Bucharest. His activity shifts between performing in the avantgarde and the punk circuit and recording/mixing material for other notable leftfield acts, field location sound for documentary, sound design, installations and studio production. He is a member of the Hyperion Ensemble led by Ana Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu and has toured throughout Europe several times. 

His musical views focus on composition and free improvisation, triggering an intimate reaction to irregular impulses from sounds carefully chosen and assembled as tectonic plates movement. Using acoustic and electronic sources and drawing inspiration from large ensemble classical and contemporary works, Laurentiu Cotac is looking to provide the listener with a sculpted sound siege-type experience, both secluded and meditative.