Noémi Büchi is a Zürich based composer searching for musical structures to evoke both feelings of sensual and intellectual euphoria.

She holds a Bachelor in musicology and German literature from the University of Zürich and is now completing her Master in electroacoustic composition with Germán Toro-Pérez at the ZHdK, spending an exchange semester at the Royal University of Music in Stockholm until January 2021 in the Master's programme for Electroacoustic Composition. 

Noémi Büchi

Her interest lies in the creation and organization of her own sound material in the tradition of acousmatic music. She expands her sound palette by using modular synthesizer, which she also uses as her instrument for live performances.The compositional approach she follows is based on improvisation, where she is intuitively guided by the sound material and its inner processes. In this context she is interested in the perception of musical time and composition in the musical time continuum, where she explores the transformation possibilities of sound matter. She plays with patterns and rhythmic structures by exploring the perceptual boundaries between rhythm, timbre and tone.

Her sources of inspiration are archaic rhythms from folkloric Central African and Indian music, and the world of impressionist music.