Die Von Brau is the most frequent pseudonym of Sérgio Faria born in 1988, a Portuguese composer and producer.
He lived in London for 3 years from 2012 to 2015, where his experience with the London undeground scene influenced his album Inércia, which is
a contrast between the cities of London and Lisbon. Faria has been involved with music since 2007 with multiple projects, but has been focusing
mainly on experimental electronic, glitch, ambient.
DVB 2015 30 030031
Having also occasionally performed in art galleries, his live shows are mainly improvised using multiple elements of his tracks mixed together.
The concept album “Dedication for Project - 1" has been acclaimed by music critics in Portugal as one of the best albums in 2015.
He has self-released via bandcamp:
• Bamboo (ep,2010)
• Mimesis (ep,2012)
• Iris (ep,2013),
• Inércia (lp,2015)
• Dedication for Project - 1 (2015) 
• Dedication for Project - 2 (2016)