Erik K Skodvin is the Norwegian artist behind projects such as Svarte Greiner and Deaf Center (w/ Otto A Totland). Grown up in Langesund, Norway, Erik was playing around with computer music since early age, which step by step led to starting the Miasmah label in Oslo, 1999 and moving more into an acoustic and soundscape based sound, inspired heavily by films, lights and shadows. 

He joined the legendary Type Records from the beginning where several records was released both as Deaf Center and Svarte Greiner between the years 2004 – 2011, such as Pale Ravine (2005), Knive (2006), Kappe (2009) and Owl Splinters (2011). Since moving to Berlin in 2009, Erik met Sonic Pieces label founder Monique Recknagel which has been a close collaborator ever since. There he also connected with and worked with other likeminded artists such as Nils Frahm, Andrea Belfi and Johann Johannson, as well as slowly releasing new artists on his record label Miasmah.
Erik otherwise works more and more towards art/dance/film music and has worked closely with both London based visual artist Suki Chan and Norwegian artist Marit Følstad. The latter´s two last collaborations was released as the Svarte Greiner albums Black Tie (2013) & Moss Garden (2016). 
ErikSkodvin photo by Tanya Mar
Photo by Tanya Mar