Italian singer, sound artist, composer and performer based in Berlin. Her work is multidisciplinary and focused on the connection between voice, sound, field recordings, body and improvisation. She investigates and explores the realm of acoustic sounds and electronic interfaces as extension of human voice. Art and life, sound and movement, the common line is the improvisation which leads her to research and to create new worlds.

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 "Everything spawns from the urgency I carry inside myself, and from the need to create an artistic dimension I belong to, an intimate and pure dimension devoid of any sort of strict rules, and shareable with whoever wishes to be part of it. A search towards the essence, leading to a continuous discovery of new worlds, real and unreal, deformed, imaginary, mystic, irriverent and extreme worlds. Tuning in with the outside, with space and events, actions become ritual, short circuit, a flow of alteration."

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