Clara Brea is a London based musician and producer with a focus on field recordings of remote landscapes and urban spaces, combining the results with modular synth compositions and sound design.


Photo by Sergio Albert

Her first album, Dystopian OST, was released in April 2018 on the Madrid based label Solid Tapes. Recently Clara’s focus on field recording has allowed her to spend time with Chris Watson, studying his practices in Environmental Sound along with participating in the Gutenberg Sound Art Academy and Symposium in Germany and being artist in residence in the Eufonic Lo Pati 2019 residency in Catalonia, Spain, creating ‘Wetland’ an AV piece in collaboration with Elena Brea that was premiered at Eufonic Festival september 7th and will be released in 2020.

She has also been working with Maria Chavez as technical assistant for her residency at EMPAC (Troy, New York) and spent time at Wavefarm (Acra, New York) where she created the radio piece ‘2019 Sound Journal’ that was broadcasted live on January 18th.