His sound exploration is through recordings of the everyday, of objects (foleys) and instruments, which when reproduced and manipulated with tape recorders and processed tapes, create atmospheres based on ambient and noise elements. Create sound narratives, which rather than being inser- ted in a specific musical genre, approaches the construction of a story that is invisible - however - imagined.

huerta 1


He has played at VOLTA, Meditatio Sonus, Overflows, Translations II, Joints of Silence, THRESHOLD, Aural, REMANENCE, ENSMBL, Anxrmal, EL NICHO, Sound Messages, Coaxial, Center4NewMusic, Hole Records Festival, Transvection, among others. Collaborating with various artists such as: Gibrana Cervantes, Rodo Ibarra, Enrique Arriaga, Turning Torso, Fernado Vigueras, Rodrigo Ambriz, Martin Escalante, Arcangelo Constantini, CNDSD, Viiaan, Nika Milano, Mabe Fratti, Tommi Keränen, Rick Reed, among others.