Felipe Ferla Da Costa (b.1993, Porto Alegre, Brazil) is an architect, visual artist, composer and performer whose practice is focused on the aesthetics of middle class life and the Rio Grande do Sul suburbs.

He studied classical guitar at the Canoas Cultural Foundation with Márcio Reggiori and with Rubens Baggio Lima in the extension course offered by UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul). He also did the theory and musical perception courses at the same institution along with private lessons given by the composer Lauro Pecktor. 

His compositions were performed at events such as Música de Poa, Germina Cciones, Encun (National Encounter of College Composers), and Woodstockhausen (in Victoria, Canada) by solo performers and groups including Amao Quartet and InCoMuN Ensemble. Highlights from his carrer also include the release of a split cassete with Faxmaskin by the norwegian label Koppklys in 2012 and in 2016 his first award at a composers competition offered by the São Paulo’s Tempo-Câmara ensemble.

Along with his activities as a composer, he is a painter with collective and solo exhibitions, including the publication of some works in the belgian magazine Zhoupheus, plays electric guitar in the band Sacripantas & Rotundos, and co-founded the experimental netlabel Abjection Productions that besides releasing various albums from a myriad of projects, also released 3 of his own.

In 2019 he graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at Unisinos (University of Sinos Valley) and currently is in the midst of his master’s degree on the same area, with a focus on the relationships between contemporary architecture, art and music.

Photo by Natasha Ferla

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