Gutierrez Hadid

Constanza Castagnet (b. 1987 in Buenos Aires) is an Amsterdam-based sound artist. Her work is related to the research and practice of voice with spoken word, language, and unexplored vocal techniques in combination with abstract sound, that usually take form as installations, performances, texts, compositions and/or videos. She graduated from Communications (2009) and she trained in music theory and vocal techniques as well as studying at Meredith Monk Foundation (NY, 2016), UNTREF (2017), Laboratorio de Acción (2019) and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (2019). She is currently doing a master's degree at Sandberg Instituut on language as an artistic production material. Her work been exhibited in Buenos Aires (Proa 21, Acéfala Galería, ArteBA, Panal361), Japan (Shibaura House Tokyo), and South Korea (GCC Festival, Gyeonggi) where she also received a grant for doing a residency.
At the same time, she was part of Labor, a bilingual publication focused on work processes.

Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid (b. 1986 in Buenos Aires) is a sound artist working with installation, video and found composition. His work explores intensities through the broad realm of listening, with an interest on developing this practice across different disciplines. His aesthetic research, mainly site-specific, often involves memory and absence as key figures to articulate potential relationships between experience and parallel realities. In 2016, he was artist in residence at MACBA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires), and has also exhibited works at Ruth Benzacar, CCK (Centro Cultural Kirchner), CCEBA, and performed at MUTEK. His audio releases are documented on LINE, Errant Bodies Press, 901editions, and/oar, and Impulsive Habitat.