EMS inbjuder till Workshop i binaurala fältinspelningar med Josefin Lindebrink

Lördag 9 maj 2015

Längd: kl. 10 - 18.00 (inklusive lunchpaus)

Avgift: 650:- inkl. moms

Deltagarantal: max 12 pers.

Anmälan görs till: ylva.skog (at) elektronmusikstudion.se

Course information:

During this workshop led by acoustician Josefin Lindebrink we will discuss acoustics of space that is, sound situated in space and the effects physical environments have on sound transmission. We will also talk about binaural technology and how it can be used for recording immersive auditory environments.

Participants will learn how to build their own binaural microphone set-up. We will then head out and record later ending the day with a listening session.

This workshop requires no previous knowledge, we will work in teams.

Material costs are covered by the participation fee. Participants need however to bring a recording device (portable with a mic/line input) as we won’t have a sufficient amount to lend out. If not having access to such please notify us when signing up to the workshop and we will try to help you find one.

JosefinLindebrink BinauralFieldRecording.jpg

Nicolas Collins: Workshop in Hardware Hacking

This is a workshop in hardware hacking for audio applications. No previous electronic experience is assumed. Basic soldering skills will be learned through building contact microphones and coils to sniff electromagnetic fields. We will then open up a range of battery-powered "consumer" technology (radios, boom boxes, electronic toys), observe the effect of direct hand contact on the circuit boards, experiment with the substitution of components, and listen to unheard signals running through the circuit. 


Mapping the Vortex: Mapping and visualization with SuperCollider.  

This intensive workshop by Marinos Koutsomichalis welcomes participants of any discipline who are already familiar with SuperCollider and who wish to expand their technical and practical knowledge in the fields of mapping and visualization.  

The material of the workshop is based on the instructor’s latest book ‘Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider’. Topics to be discussed and elaborated upon include: - 2D computer graphics - fractals - particle systems - complex encodings/mappings - audio/data analysis - waveform/spectra synthesis - sophisticated visualization/sonification techniques.

Following their particular interests, the participants will then be guided into designing their own audiovisual applications.

Sign up by sending an email to


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