A sound art course at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola). Application deadline 17 May 2011.
The course includes a trip to Berlin with meetings and seminars with internationally active sound artists. The students have access to technique all year ’round, computers, recording equipment etc, etc. The course concentrates on installation and there is a collaboration with other institutions, e.g. Wanås.
All students are expected to work independently and during the year, they will be working on two long productions.
The one year masters course is a cross-genre meeting-place for professionals with varying backgrounds, e.g. artists, radio producers, sound technicians or composers etc… There will also be external lecturers and guest teachers.

At 17:00-19:00: An electroacoustic concert in Salerno, Italy, presented by Bill Brunson, Royal College of Music, Stockholm in collaboration with EMS (Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm).

"59°N –  Musica Elettroacustica dalla Svezia" will take place at Complesso di Santa Sofia (3rd floor), piazza Abate Conforti. There will be music by Kullervo-Hongísto, Jens Hedman, Susanna Agger, Bill Brunson & Josef Doukkali, Mattias Sköld, Kim Hedås, Helene Hedsund and Mattias Petersson.

At 21:00: a concert/conference about the guitar in electroacoustic music. Guitar: Magnus Andersson. Music by: Tommy Zwedberg, Bo Rydberg, Chikashi, Sebastiani, Raymond Anthin.

Anyone who is interested in building, modifying or repairing synthesizers and other devices is very welcome to join us. Don't expect tuition by a teacher, but rather a forum where we can learn from eachother. Nevertheless, we will organize lectures, workshops and DIY evenings for beginners and advanced builders alike, within the context of these get-togethers.

This time we present three advanced modular synth and DIY instrument builders that started their building careers in the last few years;


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Jon Nensén Foona Studio5 Pehr Meldert

As of 1 May 2011, EMS will be part of Statens musikverk (Music Development and Heritage Sweden), a brand new authority. Nothing will change apart from our e-mail addresses (in due course) and our billing address. We will still be doing the same things, i.e. provide studios for professional composers, teach, collaborate with various other institutions and receive guest composers.

On Tuesday 3 May 2011 at 19:00 in B-huset (yellow brick building), behind the round red brick building.