Bengt Emil Johnson was born 1936 in Saxdalen, Dalecarlia, and was one of the pioneers of Swedish text-sound composition and electroacoustic music. He studied piano and composition for Knut Wiggen, but later become more interested in poetry. Johnson worked at Sveriges Radio (the Swedish national radio), and edited the contemporary music journal Nutida Musik for many years. He passed away on July, 14, 2010.

EMS has had a collaboration with the Norberg festival for several years now. This year EMS is proud to present the following artists:

Monitor, the radio show dedicated to electronic, electroacoustic etc music will be about  the Austrian sound artist Bernhard Leitner.
Åsa Stjerna is the author of the programme. Wednesday 16 June at 21.30 on Swedish Radio P2, and after that for a month in the P2 archive.

Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology

Call for submissions: Volume 16, Number 3

Issue thematic title: Sound, Listening and Place

Date of Publication: December 2011
Publishers: Cambridge University Press

Issue co-ordinator: Katharine Norman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Tommi Keränen was guest composer 24/5-6/6 2010.

OPEN CALL Deadline 15 July 2010

Audiorama Ars Acustica’s open call adresses the nordic schools of higher education in arts and music composition, with the aim to present four finalist pieces, of which two achieves a commission for a new work, at Audiorama in Stockholm, Sweden in the late 2010: