Sedan 1960 har EMS bedrivit omfattande kursverksamhet i form av introduktionskurser, fortbildningskurser och enskilda workshops.
EMS kurser vänder sig till dig som vill lära dig att skapa elektroakustisk musik och ljudkonst. Kurserna ger introduktion till den elektroakustiska musikens historia, repertoar, estetik samt teknisk och musikalisk kännedom för vidare självständigt arbete i våra studios. 



Introduktionskursen är första steget i en serie av kurser som gradvis ger möjlighet till att börja jobba i studion på egen hand. 
ursen introducerar till Elektronmusikstudions historia, presenterar ett antal estetiska inriktningar som har haft stor inverkan på musikens utveckling samt ger repertoarkännedom.
Kursen ger behörighet att söka vidare till Grundkursen som är nästa utbildningssteg.

Läs kursplan, villkor och gå vidare till ansökningsformuläret via länken längre ner på sidan. 
Obs! För närvarande är det inte möjligt att söka till kursen. 




Kursen syftar till att ge tillräcklig teknisk och musikalisk kännedom för självständigt arbete i våra studios.
Kursen genomförs i grupp och består av teoretiska och praktiska genomgångar, lyssningsexempel, övningar, hemuppgifter
och eget arbete i våra studios.
Kursen avslutas med gemensam konsert med uppspelning av verk skapade under kursen.
Grundläggande datorvana krävs samt tillgång till egen laptop och ett par hörlurar.

För att söka till Grundkursen behöver du först genomföra Introduktionskursen.

Läs kursplan, villkor och gå vidare till ansökningsformuläret via länken längre ner på sidan. 
Obs! För närvarande är det inte möjligt att söka till kursen. 

Patterns in SuperCollider with SuperClean Call for applications is closed
is not your average SuperCollider course.

When: Every other Thursday kl.18.30-20.30 (UTC + 1) January 28 – June 10, 2021
Where: Online via Zoom
Teacher: Daniel M Karlsson
Language: English
Fee: 1950 SEK
Application deadline: December 4, 2020

The course is open to everyone regardless of geographical location.
The course does not require or presuppose any experience with programming or even with making music.
SuperCollider and SuperClean can be installed on Mac, Linux or even on Windows and is, in theory, OS agnostic.
The teacher uses Mac OS but is familiar with Linux and Windows to a lesser extent.
Linux and Windows users should expect to do most of the operating system specific heavy lifting themselves. 

Course plan and implementation

    • Get sat up to have SuperCollider automagically boot with sensible defaults.
    • Sequence your own samples in a CPU efficient way without all the hassle.
    • Use the built in effect chain, FM and additive synths to find your personal sound.
    • Integrate best practices regarding safety into a workflow you know you can trust.

All of the above and more on day one. The course aims to get everyone over the initial threshold to a place where they are using SuperCollider with confidence and personal expressivity. Through its unique approach of focusing on the Patterns paradigm, and providing something truly expressive to sequence, the course offers unparalleled coherence and approachability.


Isn't SuperCollider just for 1337 hax0rz and genius types?
Regardless if this is your first or umpteenth time trying to get into SuperCollider this course will not only get you there, but make sure you stay there.


Why should I learn SuperCollider when I can do anything in my DAW of choice?
Really though, can you?
Throughout the course we will explore new approaches to making music and organizing sound in powerful and abstracted ways.  

Through the use of algorithmic composition, defining musical outcomes through parameterization and generative design concepts, together we'll uncover emergent behaviour far beyond the confines of linearity. Countless infinities of variation to be constructed with ease from an elegant subset of a uniquely powerful language.


About the teacher
Daniel M Karlsson is a composer focused primarily on texture and timbre.
Works extensively with algorithmic composition.



Application and terms
When you send your application you will receive a confirmation that the application has been received.
After the selection process, an admission letter will be emailed to you, few days later you recieve another email with the invoice.
The fee must be paid in advance to participate in the course.

Elektronmusikstudion is part of Musikverket (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)
Musikverket is a gender-integrated authority with a gender equality and norm-critical perspective throughout its activities.
If selection for the course has to be made, the selection will be based accordingly with Musikverket’s perspectives.

Cancellation must be received in writing by email no later than December 10, 2020
If canceled on December 11 or closer to the start of the course, 100% of the course fee will be charged. 

Canceled or rescheduled course
Elektronmusikstudion reserves the right to cancel the course, change dates for lectures, teachers and course fee. If this happens, you will be notified by email.
Any paid course fees will be refunded if course is canceled. No other compensation is paid.

If you miss a lesson there is no possibility to repeat the lesson free of charge later in the course, or receive financial compensation for the missed lesson.

Course certificate
Course certificate can be submitted on request if you have had an attendance of at least 70% of the course and completed the final task.

For inquaries about the course, please contact Education Coordinator at Elektronmusikstudion: