The introductory course, "Introduktionskursen", is the first course in a series of courses that gradually give you access to the studios. It offers an overview of the history, repertoire and aesthetics of electroacoustic music. It is essential to have completed this course before you start Level 1, "Grundkursen". If the introductory course and Level 1 are run simultaneously, you can apply to both at the same time. 

2/10 - 2017

Vi flyttar tillbaka Introduktionskurserna till torsdagar igen från och med 16/10.

OBS! Nytt kurspris Introkursen 1/1 - 2018: 1750:-

18:00-20:30 including 15' break

Teacher: Jan Liljekvist
Fee (may be subject to change): SEK 1500
Number of participants: Minimum 8, maximum 11

All tuition is in Swedish.



1. Rundvandring på EMS, bakgrund och historia. Konkret musik.

2. Elektronmusik och blandformer.

3. Synthesizerhistoria.

4. Minimalism. Text-ljudkompositioner.

5. Ljudkonst.



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