2017-10-24 Nu har vi ett anmälningsstopp för Introduktionskursen på grund av den långa kön.
Från och med vårterminen 2018 höjs kursavgifterna:
Introduktionskursen 1750 SEK
Level 1 3750 SEK
Level 2 3750 SEK
 Alla summor är inklusive 25% moms

The courses at EMS are open to anyone who is interested in electroacoustic music, live electronics and sound art as well as other related forms of expressions. The courses are also obligatory if you wish to work in any of our studios.

The introduction course focuses on electroacoustic music as a genre. The aim of the other courses is to focus on the nitty-gritty of production in the studio, sound-editing, useful software, analogue synthesizers, sound-recording techniques etc, etc. The teachers are all active composers, well-experienced in studio work and/or live electronics.

The courses start normally in February and September, when there´s enough participants registred. The Introduction course runs more often. Working days of the course coordinater is Monday and Tuesday. 

Please note that all courses are taught in Swedish.


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