Astrid Sonne is a Copenhagen-based composer and viola player. With a background in classical music, she opens up an electronic space to channel different perceptions of sensory and emotional states of being through open, melodic compositions.

Her music is an unfolding of the auditive elements, be it electronically produced sounds or organic material form voices or acoustic instruments. 

Her work presents a broad variety of musical inspiration, from European choir tradition and simplicity to trance and cacophonous expressions, all translated into a new language that communicates high-intensity polyrhythms and careful ambience with equal kindness. 

Astrid Sonne released her debut album Human Lines in 2018 and most recently the minialbum Cliodynamics in October 2019, both via the Copenhagen based label Escho. Key performances and commissions to date include Berlin Atonal 2018, where she performed her work ‘Ephemeral’ with a choir; and ‘Cycles of Lost and Found’ for strings and electronics, premiered at Rewire Festival 2019.

Photo by Daniel Hjort