Jeph Vanger is an Athens-born (b. 1989) sound artist and composer who works and lives between London and Athens. Vanger’s compositions often work with principles of aleatory where musical sequences are left to chance and are strongly influenced by human movement.


Photo by Katerina Kapetani

Whether the creation is a loudspeaker, a sound installation or a score for dance or theatre, his main aim is to work on the interconnection of loudspeakers, the designed sonic environment and the human bodies. Ambisonics and 3D audio are also part of his past work and his sonic installation ‘Sfera’ (2018).

He has worked in the fields of dance, theatre, and art installations and he has received the Norman Cook Digital Music & Sound Arts Breakthrough Award during Sound Art studies at the University of Brighton. Some of his own works and collaborations have been exhibited and performed in institutions, theatres and organisations in China, the UK, Italy and Greece.

During his residency at EMS, he will record the Buchla 200 for his first ever album inspired by human movement and his past contemporary dance scores. 

Jeph Vanger’s EMS residency is kindly made by possible with the support of Help Musicians UK