Frederikke Hoffmeier is a Copenhagen based composer, sound artist and performer mainly known for releasing under the alias Puce Mary. With a long career in experimental music, Oft-identified with the now-generation of power electronics - Hoffmeier has a reputation for intense live performances that span from gripping renditions of fresh material to the the full-on fury of off-the-cuff harsh noise. Yet, with The Drought – her latest LP on the Berlin-based PAN label – Hoffmeier expands the field of sound more boldly and broadly than before, unfurling a sonic and literary narrative of tension and desperation. 

Frederikke H

Photo by Clara Wildberger

With countless releases, performances and collaborations with artists such as Kali Malone, Drew McDowall, Rodger Stella, Dan Johansson of Sewer Election, Loke Rahbek and more. Many of which have been connected to label Posh Isolation, Puce Mary has reached wide acclaim for their powerful and unique blend of modern industrial and noise music. 

The last couple of years, having dipped her toes in the field of film composition, Frederikke Hoffmeier just premiered her first feature length filmscore for the danish Snowglobe production “Kød og Blod” (“Wildland”) by Jeanette Nordahl and is working on two scores set up for production in 2021.