Kristoffer Raasted, b. 1988, Copenhagen, is a visual artist educated at the Institute of Art, Writing and Research at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Their praxis is focused on various approaches to sound within a visual arts context, with curation as an integrated aspect of their work as a visual artist. Post-conceptual considerations on voice and post-gender are central themes to their praxis.

The sound sources they use has moved from an acoustic to a more digital approach when working with sound as a material, while their voice has at the same time been an increasingly important sound source to them.

They comes from a musical background, but their oeuvre is both anti-technical, collaborative and non-commercial. Recently they have contributed to a found sound tape/zine released by Staalplaat & Petrichor in their Kantoor series.

Photo by Lou Mouw

Kristoffer 1