Jannah Quill is a Melbourne based artist who’s deconstructive exploration of electronic instruments and technologies manifests in experimental audio-visual performance and installation. At EMS Jannah will continue ongoing research into Buchla synthesis and spatialisation of electronic sound, a project which was first ignited at a 2018 residency at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS).

quill3 1

Photo by Rainbow Chan

A combination of DIY light-to-audio systems, software/hardware experimentation and modular synthesis drive her sculptural approach to electronic music production, carving a distinctive voice that fuses abrasive noise, melody and intricate rhythm. Her versatile practice has spanned through club, gallery, theatre and experimental art spaces, resulting in consistently unique performances which explore the social and sonic crossovers between each. Despite a predominantly solo practice; experimental, improvisatory and collaborative relationships are integral to Quill’s output with a range of national and international collaborations in various forms including ongoing collaborations with Australian experimental lighting design collective House of Vnholy and comissioned collaborations with Fujui Wang (TWN) and Chris Corsano (US).

She has performed extensively nationally within Australia including at Liquid Architecture Festival, Unsound Festival: Adelaide, Museum of Contemporary Art, Arts Center Melbourne, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Artspace, Arts House, Soft Centre Festival, Underbelly Arts Festival, Melbourne Music Week and numerous club and sound spaces including support slots for international heavyweights including Puce Mary (DK), Giant Swan (UK) and Tzusing (TWN). She has been invited to perform internationally at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taichung), Ting Shou Hear Say (Tainan), Korner (Taipei), Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto), Niman-Denatsu (Tokyo), Forest Limit (Tokyo) and Audio Foundation (NZ) (as WDK).