AEO is a trio which includes Adi Snir - Saxophone and Trumpophone [Sax with trumpet mouthpiece], Elad Bardes - Guitar, Ofer Bymel - Drums/Percussion. All three members are active as composers, performers and improvisers, and have been working together for over a decade.
AEO trio
Photo credit: Daniel Meir

The instrumental sounds created by the group rely heavily on extended techniques which they have been developing as part of a personal musical language, each out of one’s own idiosyncratic relationship to their instrument. This allows for a somewhat abstract conception when using such sound materials, which are then processed through a live electronic system.

The group’s long lasting experience working together manifests in an extremely close musical relationship which is very present as part of the group dynamic, even when sound materials may seem unfamiliar. The combined outcome is one of refreshing sonorities and an engaging vitality, brought to life by spontaneity in music.

Mentionable performances include the Tectonics festival (Tel Aviv, 2018), and at Barbur (Jerusalem, 2014) among others.