As a composer and stage artist, Alexis Langevin-Tétrault has contributed to a variety of experimental music and audiovisual projects under the guises of Falaises, DATANOISE, QUADr, BetaFeed, Alexeï Kawolski and Recepteurz. His actual work is characterized by physical performance, scenographic work, the thorough use of digital audio technologies, exploration of sound timbre and also conceptual and social reflection.

His work has been presented internationally in more than a hundred events such as Ars Electronica (AT), Transart (IT), Intonal (SWE), ADAF (GR), MUTEK Montreal (CA), MUTEK Barcelona (SP), BIAN-Elektra (CA), Akousma (CA), Transient (FR), Visions of the future (USA), ISEA (CA), Mois Multi (CA), Sines & Squares (UK), Digital Weekender (UK), Exhibitronic (BE) and Espace du son (BE). His work was rewarded by Foundation Destellos (AR) in 2014 and 2015, by SOCAN Foundation (CA) in 2015, and also by Exhibitronic Festival (FR), International Electroacoustic Music Week (FR) and fondation Musiques & Recherches (BE) in 2016.
Photo by Alba Rupérez