DER SCHWARZE HUND is an experimental group from Potsdam / Germany around the producer and musician Rotte Berndt.The Group is influenced by their work of styles like drone, noise, free jazz, ambient and modern classic music. Other members are the producer and composer Ralf Noack and the british folksinger Lloyd Williams.
ROTTE BERNDT is also involved in compositions with field recordings and works with various string ensemble (ROTTE BERNDT BRIGADEN).
 Der Schwarze Hund

Dimitris Papadatos (b.1981,USA) is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens Greece. The main concern in his work is an apposition of disparate elements that assume a re-appropriation of historically applied methodologies while questioning forms of empowering them. The biggest body of his work reflects issues as copyright, spirituality and originality, undergoing a constant state of transfiguration of its outsourcing. At the moment he actively runs three projects, Jay Glass Dubs, KU and The Hydra His project Jay Glass Dubs is an exercise of style, focusing on a counter factual approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form.

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Photo by Miles Opland


Antti Tolvi is composer, sound artist, performer and Qi Gong teacher. He moved in teenaged from countryside to city and get excited about playing didgeridoo. Soon saxophone and free jazz become to picture and took Anttis attention. Interest about Classical Indian Music took Antti all the way to Varansi to study music. After India Taiji and nature studies back in Finland. Chaos and wild freedom turned into minimalism and Zen. Now Antti has found him self again from countryside, whit winds, birds, silence and harmony of everything.
Freedom, peace, gratitude and minimalist aesthetic reflects from Antti Tolvis works.
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