Julien Bayle is a multidisciplinary artist based in France and working at the juncture of sound & visual. He merges visual art, music composition, physical approach of sound art and data visualization by creating advanced programmed installations and audio/visual live performances.

julien bayle modular live 01

 Photo by Sigrun Sauerzapfe 

Marie Rose Sarri is an Italian sound artist born in 1974. By using conventional musical instruments, analog and digital instruments, field recordings, self built samples and all that can create sounds and noises, she aims to build music first of all, without particular etiquettes, but every time with different concepts.
Live in London HYG

Kara-Lis Coverdale is a Canadian composer working in digital and acoustic media that, as musicologist Adam Harper writes, “is able to navigate new vocabularies and ecologies with a peace and accord we cannot yet comprehend.” Kara-Lis has been church organist and music director at several churches across Canada since age 13, and studied musicology, media, and composition at Western University where she first discovered electroacoustic music and wrote a masters thesis on timbral realism in recorded musics with a special focus on the equalizer. After widespread praise of her electronic work, some of which has been centered around the data-rendered voice, she now performs internationally including in renowned theatres and cultural centres like The Barbican, Theatre du Chatelet, Krakow Philharmonic, and Teatro Circo in Braga. She has held residencies at GRM Paris and EMS Stockholm. She is the recipient of a Most Promising Young Artist award presented by Ann Southam and has been named “one of the most exciting young composers in North America” by the Guardian. She is currently working on a commission for electronics, actors, dancers, and reactive visuals for Vanemuine Theatre in Estonia to be premiered in late 2017.
Photo by Scott Pilgrim

Leo Méndez is a Mexican composer / visual artist mainly focused on modular synthesizers. His work merge music, design and technology inspired by synesthesia
and music visualization. He started in the modular world at early age with a Buchla 200e system producing tracks for short films, advertising and tv shows.


Hanna Hartman is a Swedish composer, sound artist and performer living in Berlin since 2000. She studied Literature and Theater history at the Universities of Uppsala and Stockholm, Radio and Interactive Art at Dramatiska Institutet and Elctroacoustic Music at EMS in Stockholm. Since the early 1990s she has composed works for radio, electroacoustic music and has created sound installations and given numerous performances all over Europe. Her many awards and grants include the Karl-Sczuka-Preis (2005), the Phonurgia Nova Prize (2006), a Villa Aurora grant (2010) and the Rosenberg Prize (2011). During 2007 and 2008 she was Composer-in-Residence for Swedish Radio. Her work has been presented in numereous concerts and festivals such as Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, Darmstädter Ferienkurse (2012 & 2014), Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival (2012 & 2014), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2013), el nicho aural, Mexico City (2014) Akousma, Montreal (2014 & 2015 ). Photo by Helga Brekkan.

Hanna Hartman

NYC based artist Evan Caminiti (b.1987) has explored electro-acoustic music since the mid 2000’s. With a focus on the intersection of composition and improvisation, he blends electronics, field recordings, and electric guitar, warping the sound sources using tape and digital processing.


 Photo by Lisa McGee