Danish musician and composer Christian Rønn works in many different areas of sound, but in the last decade the focus have been on experimental electro-acoustic music combined with free improv and a compositional praxis has primarily taken of from those two areas.

Christian Rønn Billeder

Luke Fraser is a London-based composer, performer and educator working in the fields of live generative electronics and experimental genre-based electronic music.

Current areas of aesthetic interest include psychoacoustics, complexity arising from polyrhythm, polymetre and tempo modulation, and emergence within electronic textures. More generally his music explores systems-based procedures such as permutation and near-repetition, and he has an ongoing interest in exploring the role of humor within contemporary music and performance.

At EMS he will work on developing a multichannel piece exploring the possibly vertiginous and disorienting effects of a rapidly morphing electronic pulse.

Luke Fraser

Photot by Antigone Avdi / Agony Art

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells (October 13, 1958) is an American free jazz bassist (bass guitar and electric upright bass), composer and conceptualist.
He is one of the founding members of the improvising band Machine Gun which featured Thomas Chapin.
He has been active internationally as a promoter of improvised and experimental music performing and recording extensively. He has collaborated
with Karl Berger, Daniel Carter and Tony Scott among others.    
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Kristina Warren (kmwarren.org) is a composer, vocalist, and researcher based in Liverpool UK. Her performance research on extended voice includes extended vocal techniques, live processing of voice in MaxMSP, and the Abacus, a unique, microphone-mounted, Arduino-based controller she designed and built. At EMS, Warren will expand this research into the analog realm through use of modular synthesizers. Digital and analog will inform each other: the digital output of vocal processing will be translated to a control voltage input to modular synthesizers, and synthesizer output will cue digital processing changes. This analog experimentation will forge new vocal timbres and performance temporalities.

warren perf

Ben Eyes

Ben Eyes is a composer working in the North of England. His work is typified by large, complex textures and sound collages using field recordings, heavily treated guitars, acoustic instruments and analogue synthesisers. His performances combine video, immersive surround sound, live musicians and electronics. He is interested in collaborative work in theatre, performance art and video. Ben has performed at festivals and concerts across Europe and the USA and released music on record labels Time Released Sound, Hippocamp, The Centrifuge and This Is Music. Ben has recently completed a Masters by Research in Music Technology at the University of York, around the thesis ‘Multimodal Performance Approaches in Electronic music'.