Rory Viner is a sound artist and experimental composer based in Tokyo, Japan.  His current work focuses on synesthesia (the mixing of senses), sensors, data and sound.                         

His major works include making a scores out suicide data, lie detecting machines and sex movments. His works have been featured in Wired Magazine, The New York ObserverVice's Motherboard & The Japan Times as well as various other international news outlets. 

Find more information or contact him on his website.

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Photo by Yo Ishigaki


Lorenzo Senni is a tireless investigator of dance music’s mechanisms and working parts, and head of respected experimental label Presto!? His work explores the idea of the “buildup” found in euphoric dance music as a starting point to make a non-uplifting, more introspective piece that implicitly preserves its emotional tension and drama.


Photo by Liam Ricketts 

Bjørn Christiansen aka Bjørn Svin (b.1975) is a Danish composer of electronic music.  In his early teenage years, Bjørn started out doing naivistic melodic ambient music on synthesizers.

Inspired by the rave culture he got into more rhythmical expressions which led to his first release in 1995 under the alias “Bjørn Christansen” on Stranger than Paradise Records.  The minimalistic techno music that started to occur at that time, as well as the more alternative artists such as Like a Tim, Plaid and Aphex Twin, was the main inspiration for a new output from Bjørn : a minimalistic, playful and very melodic dance music that was both intricate and naivistic at the same time.

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 Photo by Morten Bentzon

Reece Cox was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1991. He lives and works in Baltimore, MD and NY, NY. 
Cox's practice ranges from performance in clubs and underground music venues to gallery installation. Under a variety of monikers he has explored many styles and approaches to sound all driven by an ceaseless fascination with the effect of focused sensory input on the body.
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Michel Klöfkorn is a Frankfurt based artist and filmmaker. He recently started to de-weave pictures. As a soundrecordist for documentary films Michel has been working in more than 30 countries.
At EMS he will work on soundtracks for film and performances.
michel klöfkorn

Moisés Horta Valenzuela (Tijuana, November 29 1988) is a musician, composer and sound artist. Taking inspiration from the sociocultural border context of Tijuana and being part of a generation exposed to the consumption of information via the Internet, the objective of his work is to express the ways in which the human mind is transformed by the constant movement between the virtual and physical realms. His work is characterized by exploring the juxtaposition of dual concepts such as tradition and hypermodernity, dystopia and utopia, low resolution and high definition using new technologies and electronic musical instruments, both software and hardware. He studied a Bachelor in Science in Audio Production at the Art Institute of San Diego, California (2010). He has participated in a series of workshops that focus on the use of technologies for the creation of multimedia art: Potencial de Acción: Introduction to Neurofeedback (Alumnos 27 Foundation, 2015), Biofeedback workshop (Biblioteca Vasconcelos/Centro de Cultura Digital, 2014), Introduction to physical computing (Protolab, 2010).