Richard Graham is a guitarist and computer musician based in the United States. He has performed across the U.S., Asia, U.K., and Europe, including festivals and conferences such as Celtronic and the International Symposium on Electronic Art. He has composed music for British and US television, recorded live sessions for BBC radio, and his music has been authored for the popular video game, Rock Band.

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Photo: Sjaak Overgaauw

Pierce Warnecke is sound and video artist from the US, based in Europe for over a decade. He works equally in the aural and visual domains by creating performances, installations and compositions.

After studying at Berklee College of Music he obtained his Master’s at Universität der Kunst Berlin (Kunst und Medien). He is currently a professor at Berklee College of Music’s Master’s program in Valencia, Spain.

Pierce Warnecke

Ambrose Seddon composes musical works for fixed media and installation in various formats. Having completed a Masters degree in electroacoustic composition at City University, London in 2004, he went on to complete doctoral studies in 2013, also at City University, supervised by Denis Smalley. With research interests in compositional structuring processes, he has presented at various international conferences and festivals. His music has been performed internationally in concert and on radio, and has received competition prizes and mentions (Visiones Sonoras; ICMC; Métamorphoses; KLANG! électroacoustique). With a background in electronica and experimental pop music, he continually strives to integrate new and varied approaches into his compositional language. Ambrose Seddon is a lecturer in Music and Audio Technology at Bournemouth University.Ambrose Seddon

Andrew Raffo Dewar (b.1975 Rosario, Argentina) has been active since 1995 as a composer, soprano saxophonist, ethnomusicologist and educator. His music spans the spectrum of through-composed chamber music, aleatoric composition, electroacoustic music, and open improvisation. As a composer and performer he can be heard on nearly twenty albums, including work with groundbreaking artists like saxophonist/composer Anthony Braxton, trumpeter/composer Bill Dixon, and composer Alvin Lucier.

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Photo by Jennifer Caputo

Carl Golembeski (America) has brought together Swedish musicians, Soham & Maria and Cody Orrell from America to collaborate on a project fusing traditional acoustic instruments with electronic music.

Using Guitar, voices and Kora (traditional African harp) recorded by Soham & Maria, keyboard synths by Cody and drum programming, engineering, modular synths and Kyma processing by Carl, they plan on releasing the project in a limited vinyl run later this year.

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Photo by Cody Orrell


Pan Daijing

Photo by Francesca Beltran

Pan Daijing is a performance and sound artist born and raised in southwest China, currently based in Berlin. This year sees her doing residency at Foundazione Prada Venice, presenting commissioned piece at Shanghai's Rockbund Museum and performing Berlin's Volksbuehne. Music wise she is quickly rising with ecstatic power electronics-techno and a multiplying practice covering wide geographical and interdisciplinary range.  

As a live improviser, her sound performance is steeped in industrial noise, cinematic atmospherics and sexual charge, drifting into drone and giddy, twisted beats. Every work of hers is heavily themed and is a powerful combination of body and sound.  

Besides her solo music and art projects, Pan also collaborates with Werner Dafeldecker and Valerio Tricoli on sound performance. After sharing stage at Berghain with Oneohtrix Point Never, she is playing this summer at Sweden's Norberg festival and is participating RBMA in Montreal.