Frédéric Acquaviva, experimental music composer born in 1967 in France, living in Berlin since 2012. He has composed 30 works since 1990 and released 21 monographic CDs for Al Dante, Casus Belli, as well as books or multiples.

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EMS welcomes Bjørn back - With a curiosity and playfulness Bjørn Svin has been exploring the creation of electronic dance music for more than 20 years. 

His first album “Mer Strøm” came out in 1997, an innovative collection of tracks that unified a melodic, positive and minimalistic take on the contemporary electronic club music at that time. 

His later works are organic, elastic and ever changing exploration of rhytmical, melodical and timbral progressions. 

Bjorn Christiansen

Photo: Heide Kraenzlein 

Fabio Perletta (b. 1984) is a sound & multimedia artist living and working in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy. His work explores the intersection between different yet complementary areas such as science, psychology and human perception. Influenced by Zen culture and quantum physics, his research delves into the inter-relationship between the notions of silence, presence, entropy and visible/invisible. Perletta uses sound as a vehicle for conceptual investigation and sensorial stimulation. He creates immersive spaces, which engage auditors to experience meditative states, both mental and physical.

Perletta Takayama

Guy Bartell is a UK-based composer working in the fields of film soundtrack, electronic and electro-acoustic music. His previous soundtracks include the cult Swedish silent film Häxan, and the Soviet documentary Turksib, commissioned and released by the British Film Institute. His latest work, commissioned by the Dovzhenko Centre, Ukraine and the British Council, is the soundtrack to Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s Arsenal, about a Bolshevik uprising in Ukraine in 1918.

Guy Bartell

Photo: Kelly Humphries