Benjamin Nelson is an American artist currently living and working in Oslo.

Nelson’s reductionist compositions typically focus on spectral micro shifts and small slow motions, exploring the compositional possibilities of duration, phase, hearing fatigue and room resonance.

Benjamin Nelson

Photo: Susanna Bolle

Ela Orleans is a Polish musician now based in Glasgow, UK. She was a member of pop collagists Hassle Hound, has played with various luminaries of the New York experimental and noise scenes and is a composer for the screen. Over the course of Orleans’ music career, her tagline and brief description for her music has always been “Movies for Ears”. In the work Orleans pushes her pastoral pop roots into more cinematic terrain, experimenting with carefully considered sound art segments, complex electronic textures and orchestral flourishes.

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Photo credit: Stephanie Elizabeth Third

Olivia Block creates original sound compositions for concerts, site-specific multi-speaker installations, live cinema, and performance. Her compositions often include field recordings, electronic sounds, and chamber instruments.
Her solo performances include partially improvised pieces for inside piano, electronics, and objects. Through amplification techniques, she brings out timbral qualities of metal, wood and other materials. Block also creates multimedia works for sounds and video.

Block’s surround-sound installations and concerts emphasize the physical frameworks of spaces through their acoustic qualities. All of her sound work reflects her interests in site specificity, “room sounds,” ethnographic sensory practices, and the utilization of found materials.

During her visit to EMS Oliva Block will also perform at Fylkingen on 16 October as part of ROOM40 Openframe.

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Italian singer, sound artist, composer and performer based in Berlin. Her work is multidisciplinary and focused on the connection between voice, sound, field recordings, body and improvisation. She investigates and explores the realm of acoustic sounds and electronic interfaces as extension of human voice. Art and life, sound and movement, the common line is the improvisation which leads her to research and to create new worlds.

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Midori Hirano is a Japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer, born in Kyoto and now based in Berlin. Her productions are based around the use of traditional instrumentation such as the piano or strings, but yet her works are so diverse and eclectic mixture of modern digital sounds with subtle electronic processing or field recordings. Now she is working on the music for a contemporary dance piece in which she is going to focus on the production during her residency at the EMS studio.

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Photo: Markus Wambsganss

Steve Bates is an artist and musician living in Montréal. His work listens to boundaries and borders, points of contact and conflict. Thresholds are explored, stretched and, at times, completely broken. Information and signal feed back onto themselves creating new situations and events. The sonic is the starting point for his projects which are evocations of communication networks and systems, or expressions of spatial and temporal experience. He frequently uses sound material that is site-specific in an attempt to uncover place and how the sonic effects our experience of site. Time can be measured, stretched, pulled at, ignored, and extended.

Steve BAtes

Photo: Elias Djemil