France Jobin is a sound / installation / artist, composer, and curator residing in Montreal, whose audio art, qualified as "sound-sculpture", reveals a minimalist approach to complex sound environments where analog and digital intersect. Her installations incorporate both musical and visual elements inspired by the architecture of physical spaces.

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Photo: Antonello Carbone

Moon Wheel is a project of Swedish artist and musician, Olle Holmberg. Increasingly prolific and active on the Berlin scene, Holmberg has started turning heads locally and abroad through his finely-crafted and constantly evolving productions.  

Holmberg’s cerebral, shape-shifting compositions are inspired by “nature, history, and wandering”, synthesizing electronic and organic sounds through dubby groove deconstructions, uncanny ghost-in-the-machine moods, and grey psychedelic hazes.  

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Ambrose Seddon composes musical works for fixed media and installation in various formats. Having completed a Masters degree in electroacoustic composition at City University, London in 2004, he went on to complete doctoral studies in 2013, also at City University, supervised by Denis Smalley. With research interests in compositional structuring processes, he has presented at various international conferences and festivals. His music has been performed internationally in concert and on radio, and has received competition prizes and mentions (Visiones Sonoras; ICMC; Métamorphoses; KLANG! électroacoustique). With a background in electronica and experimental pop music, he continually strives to integrate new and varied approaches into his compositional language. Ambrose Seddon is a lecturer in Music and Audio Technology at Bournemouth University.Ambrose Seddon

Ueno Masaaki focuses on creating new orders in which unpredictability and indeterminacy coexist with regularity. His ideas come from his interest in the state of the world, natural phenomenon and laws of nature ― including weather, biological and physical processes. He incorporates these spontaneous phenomenon and processes into his work to recreate them as "artificial natural phenomenon with a new order."

Ueno Masaaki studied composition, piano and conducting at Toho-Gakuen school of music in Tokyo, Japan, where he completed the master's course. One of his chamber works was selected for the 76th music competition of Japan Awards. His winning piece »resonance of zero degree« was broadcasted on nhk-classics and played on nhk-fm.


EMS welcomes Marinos Koutsomichalis back! Marinos (Athens, 1981) is an artist and researcher. Via sound and a wide range of other media he interrogates the specifics of perception, technology and material and by means of a hypermedia, project­based and site­responsive methodology.

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Photo: Helen Frosi

Miguel Angel Tolosa (*1969 / Madrid) is a composer based in Madrid and Bonn. He studied musical composition with Antoine Beuger in Haan (Germany), and electroacoustic music with Jean Claude Risset (Madrid) and Eduardo Polonio (Madrid). Among this he studied sound engineering, working on recordings as an engineer and producer for many artists and labels. He runs the internationally acclaimed label for experimental music,