We are happy to see Ruta back at EMS, this time together with Åsa Nordgren and Jens Hedman. Their Spatial Opera Company is a collaboration between Swedish electronic music composer Jens Hedman, Lithuanian composer Ruta Vitkauskaite and Swedish opera singer Åsa Nordgren.

The group met in 2010 united in the idea to create opera in the dark, using space as main element to inspire listener’s visual and aural associations.


André Sequeira is a composer from Portugal that likes to explore slow, deep and ambiguous scenarios through music or audiovisual experimentation. André recently finished an MA in Sonic Arts at the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast. André also works under the an.rost moniker.

Andre S

Photo: Marco Vidal

JG Thirlwell is back at EMS! Thirlwell is a composer/producer/performer based in Brooklyn, who also works under many pseudonyms including Foetus, Manorexia, Steroid Maximus, Baby Zizanie, Hydroze Plus, Clint Ruin and Wiseblood. He has released over thirty albums.


If there is a common thread to his varied musical styles, it is a dramatic intensity and an evocative, cinematic quality. Thirlwell is also featured as producer or remixer on a wide variety of artist recordings, including releases for artists as diverse as Zola Jesus, Excepter, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Melvins, Lydia Lunch, Coil, Z's, Swans and many more.

Latex balloons have been Judy Dunaway’s primary musical instrument and compositional focus for over twenty years. She has presented her free improvisations and compositions on balloons as serious musical instruments, as well as sound installations and electronic works utilizing balloons, throughout the U.S. and Europe at many festivals and venues.

Judy Dunway

Photo: Jesse Summers

Rodrigo Nika2

Photo: Arturo Tellez

Rodrigo de Leon is a composer and audio engineer and Nika Milano is a visual artist (sometimes singer). They live in Mexico city and work together to create audio pieces and live audiovisual performances. They are currently working on an audiovisual installation for an octophonic system that is going to be presented next year at The Center for Digital Culture in Mexico.

Travers Nash is an artist and musician from Australia. He has spent the last four years travelling, living and working in South Korea, India, Nepal, China and Finland. His work involves installations, instrument building and live performance. He is currently completing a Phd through Queensland College of Art, Brisbane Australia, exploring the phenomenologies of the sonic object.