HEATHER FRASCH is a sound artist whose work explores the intersection of acoustic & electroacoustic composition, improvisation, interactive performance, new media theory and sound installations.


The electro-acoustic duo Ercklentz Neumann (Sabine Ercklentz and Andrea Neumann) has since the late 90s researched the poetry in sound and noise. Experimental instrumental sounds in conjunction with analogue electronics meet everyday noises under the microscope in extreme electronic amplification. The momentum of sounds and machines is thereby consciously used to generate new structures.

ErcklentzNeumann 1

Francesca Le Lohé studied for her MMus Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with David Fennessy, Rory Boyle and Alistair MacDonald, generously supported by the RVW Trust, RCS Trust and the Lionel Bart Foundation. She has had electroacoustic and instrumental works work-shopped and performed by Manchester Camerata, Psappha ensemble, Red Note ensemble, Edit-Point and New Dots.


Photo: lemon yellow photography

Kirsten Reese is a composer and sound artist based in Berlin. She creates experimental music for electronics and instruments, sound and audiovisual installations, and performative works with electronic media.

Kirsten reese

Erik Nyström is a computer music composer specialised in the acousmatic medium and is currently pursuing an aesthetic interest in spatial texture, and visual and physical listening experiences. He works with fixed media work, real-time compositions and improvised performance.

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We are happy to have Yan Jun at EMS for a couple of days in September! Yan is a musician born in Lanzhou in 1973, based in Beijing. He plays improvised music and makes field recordings. His works involve electronics, feedback, site-specific performance/installation, noise and organizing. His feedback improvisation set is always following the unstable relationship between microphones, speakers, the space and his own body movement.  Yan Yun orig3

Photo: Ryu Hankil