Mike Bullock is a composer,  intermedia artist,  and porcelainist based in Philadelphia. His work encompasses electroacoustic improvisation,  video, synthesizer, contrabass and bass guitar. His porcelain plate series “Pioneers of Sound in Art” are currently available at Caramoor in Katonah, NY, in association with the sound art festival In The Garden of Sonic Delights.

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Aidan Deery is a Belfast based composer and sound artist. He was awarded a PhD in Composition from Queen's University Belfast after completing research at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in 2014, having previously studied Popular Music at the University of Liverpool and Music Technology at Dundalk Institute of Technology. Making use of field recordings, Aidan's work ranges from fixed medium compositions to pieces for instrument and live electronics. His compositions have been performed at a variety of festivals, including Sonorities, iFIMPaC and Festival Futura, and at concerts in countries across Europe as well as the USA and Argentina. He also collaborates with Matilde Meireles to form the field recording duo bunú.

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Frank Bretschneider is a musician, composer and video artist in Berlin. His work is known for precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach. Described as »abstract analogue pointilism«, »ambience for spaceports« or »hypnotic echochamber pulsebeat«, Bretschneider’s subtle and detailed music is echoed by his visuals: perfect translated realizations of the qualities found in music within visual phenomena.

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Photo: Alberto Novelli/Villa Massimo

Adam Basanta(b. 1985) is an award-winning composer and media artist, whose work traverses electroacoustic and instrumental composition, audiovisual installations, site- specific interventions, laptop performance, and dynamic light design. His work explores notions of listening and audiovisual perception, the re-animation of quotidian objects, and the articulation of site and space.


Photo: Charles Quevillon

Musician, composer, curator and professor, Rogelio Sosa's artistic practice focuses on exploring the intersection of art, technology and music. His work seeks to eliminate rigidity of musical notation and concert halls through the use of experimentation. The result is a form of sound art composed of textures, layers, landscapes and frequencies expressed as liberating gestures. Through compositions, installations and performances he upholds the freedom and individualization of the artist in the midst of a society of oppression.


Photo: Ismael Méndez

Burkhard Beins, born 1964 in Lower Saxony, lives in Berlin since 1995. As a composer/performer working in the fields of experimental music and sound art he is known for his definitive use of percussion in combination with selected sound objects. Furthermore, he works with live-electronics and analog synthesizers.  

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Photo: Ingo Scheffler