Gregory Büttner lives and works as a musician and artist in Hamburg. Since 2000 his main focus is on sound art and electroacoustic compositions. He performed at several festivals and concert series in Europe and China, composed music for dance and performance, radio, video and sound installations. In 2004 he launched his label 1000füssler which releases experimental music in small editions. 

He plays regularly in a duo with Birgit Ulher and ‘Stark Bewölkt Quartett‘ with Michael Maierhof, Heiner Metzger, Birgit Ulher. He also collaborated with musicians Rhodri Davies, Ofer Bymel, Stefan Funck, the artist Anja Winterhalter, Stefanie Becker, Magdalena Sadziak, among others. His music released by labels like 1000füssler, Firework Edition Records, Anthropometrics / Aufabwegen, Obs*, Grünrekorder, Compost and Height.

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Arturas Bumšteinas (b.1982, Vilnius) is a composer / sound artist working in the field of electro-acoustic and instrumental music, radio art, installations and experimental electronic music (under his Refusenikmoniker). He is a founding member of the ensembles Quartet Twentytwentyone, Works & Days, Zarasai and Wolumen. Since the year 2000 he has collaborated with many international musicians and artists. His interdisciplinary projects were presented in dozens of exhibitions around Europe, and festivals where his music and art projects were presented include The Holland Festival, Sensoralia / Romaeuropa, Angelica, Vilnius Jazz, Kody, Skanumezs, Cut & Splice. His music is published by labels such as Bolt, Cronica, Con-v, Sangoplasmo and others. In 2013 he was awarded the “Palma Ars Acustica” prize for radiophonic arts.


Photo: Nina Poppe

Bernardo Barros is a Brazilian composer, pianist and live-electronics improviser. He has devoted himself to the creation of instrumental and electronic works. As a performer he has focused on improvisation with live-electronics developing his own tools. Most recent performances in Europe, Brazil and United States include Sonorities Festival (Belfast), Re:New Festival (Copenhagen), SuperCollicer Symposium (Boulder), CCRMA Modulations (San Francisco), La Pietra Forum (Florence). He holds a BA in music composition from State University of Campinas (Unicamp, Brazil) and studied at the Institute of Sonology (The Hague, The Netherlands) with Konrad Boehmer, Joel Ryan, Clarence Barlow and Kees Tazelaar.


Jeff Snyder (b.1978) is a composer, improviser and instrument-designer living in Princeton, New Jersey, and active in the New York City area.

He performs on his analog modular synthesizer he designed and built himself in duos and with Sam Pluta, Federico Ughi, and Cenk Ergün, and also leads a band as his electro-country alter ego Owen Lake. He is also a member of avant-jazz group the Federico Ughi Quartet, noise trio The Mizries, and laptop ensemble Sideband.

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For the second time this year we welcome Phil Julian to EMS. He is a UK based experimental sound artist, composer and improviser. 

Under both the Cheapmachines alias and his own name, Phil Julian has been venturing across various strains of unorthodox sound since the late 1990′s, with his prolific output on a catalogue of imprints encompassing sonic textures ranging from harsh squalls of noise to compositions structured around hyper-minimalistic timbres and drones.

Studio recordings and live performances within Europe and North America have focused on the use of analogue electronics (particularly unstable and/or chaotic systems – modular analogue synthesizers, feedback, contact microphones, objects and surfaces) and computer based works.


Martins Rokis from Riga has been experimenting with various forms of electronic music since the late 90’s, but while studying philosophy and delving into sound programming his focus gradually shifted away from musical aspects of sound more towards experiential relationships between sound, space and body and multimodality of human perception.

Currently he is working with sound in different contexts, forms, crossing boundaries between so-called computer music, psychedelic noise and abstract sound art, blending generative strategies with improvisation and also occasionally making sound installations or works for multichannel systems. He has presented his artistic activities locally and internationally and so far he has published few limited edition releases.

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